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As the official language of Sweden and the co-official language of Finland, Swedish is the most common spoken language in the Nordic region of Europe. Over 10 million people worldwide are native Swedish speakers. Though the spoken language has various dialects and regional distinctives, the written language is surprisingly uniform, dating back to the 17th century.

While many outsiders believe Swedish and Norwegian and Danish to be so similar that “to know one is to speak all three,” that is not the case. As a result of intense national rivalries and wars, along with a strong sense of nationalism that developed during the 19th and 20th centuries, these three national languages each developed a somewhat distinct grammar structure, vocabulary, and other linguistic characteristics. So much so, in fact, that speakers of these three languages will often resort to English – a common second language – when communicating to a different native speaker, rather than trying to communicate in their own respective languages.

With its many unique grammatical features and limitations, the Swedish language demands a high level of expertise to create accurate written content. At LubasLab, we provide exactly that: native speakers with a firm grasp on the language, ready to provide you with the Swedish translation services you need to reach your audience.

Next-Level SEO Swedish Content

LubasLab, with our team of native Swedish speakers, is here to help with your content needs. If you have ideas and need help creating Swedish content, our team works with you to understand your brand and generate original content that will reach deeply into your target audience. From our team, we will help you to identify a voice that can speak to your Swedish-speaking audience in whatever dialect, slang, or “professional” or “amateur” stylizing your industry or audience demands.

Swedish Subtitling and SEO Writing

If you need help turning your original ideas into Swedish web content, or if you have content that needs to be translated to reach your Swedish-speaking audience, you’ve come to the right place. Our Swedish translation agency has professionals who are well-versed in the challenges of the Swedish language, ready to take your content written in any of our language competencies and turn it into Swedish content that any Swede will clearly understand.

With English-to-Swedish translations as our strength, we provide you with accurate translations no automated software could ever hope to create. Hire LubasLab to work directly with professional Swedish writers and translators.

Swedish Voice-Overs

While written Swedish presents some interesting challenges, spoken Swedish is not for the faint of heart. Even counting to ten is virtually impossible for a non-native speaker – when you hit “sju” (the Swedish word for “seven”), you encounter what many agree is one of the hardest Swedish words to pronounce. Not to mention the additional vowel sounds and even tonalities, which can dramatically change the meaning of a word. It all depends on the tone.

So, if you need accurate voice-overs, LubasLab is ready to provide you with auditions of any of our native-speaking Swedish voice actors to help you find your voice.

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