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As the official language of some 20 countries across 3 continents, Spanish is the second most common native language – nearly 500 MILLION native speakers – and the fourth most common spoken language in the world. This means that your ability to reach the international community with your message requires that you communicate that message – whatever it may be – in Spanish.

Because of its widespread usage, the Spanish language presents a unique challenge for Spanish subtitling and content writing. Just put a Uruguayan, a Spaniard and a Mexican in a room together for a few minutes and you’ll quickly understand: Spanish is NOT universal, but is a highly-localized language. 

As a result, effective Spanish communication – whether written or verbal – requires not only a command of the basic Spanish language, but also attention to the unique aspects of the local Spanish of your target audience. Vocabulary, verb forms, idioms – knowledge of these and other aspects of the local language is important when translating a website to Spanish.

Our Spanish translation company is well-versed in the distinctions of Spanish throughout the world. With this expertise, we will work to ensure that you get an accurate and effective tool for your target audience… every time.

Person-to-Person Service and Support

Here at LubasLab, everything is done person-to-person. The Lab operates as a one-stop shop for Spanish subtitling, voice-overs, copywriting and translations. With mainstream or niche-specific projects, our Spanish translation service is accurate, fast and professional. Whether complex or simple, big or small, our person-to-person service is prepared to meet any call.

Spanish Subtitling and Content Writing

Whether you need to translate a website to Spanish, or you have ideas and need to turn them into Spanish web content, LubasLab is here to serve you. Our writers and translators are ready work with you to provide personalized Spanish language services, with Spanish subtitling and translations as our core services. 

LubasLab will work with you to understand your particular target audience, leverage our knowledge of language nuances, and translate your content using localized SEO Spanish.

Voice-Overs in Spanish

At LubasLab, we recognize that voice-overs create an added challenge – not only does the content have to be audience-appropriate, but the voice itself also needs to reflect your voice to your audience. That is why we have Spanish voice talent from distinct nationalities, with expertise in dialects, accents, slang usage, and even “professional” or “amateur” stylizing if appropriate. 

Whatever your industry, whatever your needs, we can provide you with free demos of any of our performers to help you find the voice that will best represent you to the Spanish-speaking world and your audience.

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