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Translation and Localization Services

At LubasLab, we are your one-stop shop for all of your language needs – from translation and website localization to content writing and voice-overs.

Whether you are a business owner looking to take your products or services to the global market, or a blogger looking to get your thoughts into the international marketplace of ideas, you need to communicate well.

Good communication, though, takes a lot of work and years of experience. It requires substantial time, effort and energy to take thoughts, information and ideas and turn them into something that others will want to read. At LubasLab, you get it all.

We do it following three simple principles: 

Using real human writers and translators – native-speakers – based all over the world and have a minimum of 5 years of experience and typically a variety of accreditations.

Subjecting all of our work to a secondary “cross-check” – an independent review by a different language expert to ensure accuracy, completeness, and effectiveness.

Adding a personal touch – Luba herself will be your point of contact ready to ensure you receive the quality product and the customer service you expect and deserve.

Multilingual Localization Services

To reach your audience, you must communicate to them in their language.

Language includes a wealth of local nuances unique to a country or region. Styles, vocabularies, idioms, cultural norms – even verb forms and conjugations. But whatever the distinctives, language everywhere has its own local expression – its “localization.”

Spanish in South America is different from the Spanish of Spain. Across South America, the Spanish in different countries varies distinctly. British English is NOT U.S. English. Throughout the U.S., English differs from region to region. 

At LubasLab, we recognize that your deepest connections with your audience occur when you have both quality translation and subtitling. It is your connection to their mind and their heart. Whatever your content is – a website, an application, a video game, a presentation, or any communication tools – our team works with you to localize it for your specific audience and to make your audience feel like it was written just for them.

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International Voice-Over Agency

Adding voice to your strategy is a great way to provide your audiences with a special and engaging experience.

At LubasLab, we offer professional audio voice-over recordings designed to increase your impact in the global market. We provide the full range of voice-over services, from corporate introductions to commercials to website and games audio tracks to audio accompaniment for training courses, e-learning and other informational videos. 

Our international network of voice actors provides talent across multiple languages, accents and dialects. Using your script – or one we create or translate for you – we take your instructions and work with you to cast your project from our pool of experienced and amateur voice actors.

In short, we work with you to help you identify your voice – a voice that will effectively accomplish your goals for the project, represent your company well and add to your credibility as you seek to enhance the impression you leave on your international audience. 

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