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Although the population of Portugal is only about 10.5 million, the Portuguese language is much more prevalent, with more than 250 million native Portuguese speakers worldwide. It is the official language of seven countries and the co-official language of three others. These countries, however, span three continents, including Europe (where it is the third-most spoken language), Africa and South America. The resulting linguistic differences are significant: not only is the vocabulary quite different from region to region, but verb usage and even spelling differ markedly. This can often result in strange, even “laughable” expressions if the language does not cater to the regional Portuguese of your target audience – especially in technical content.

In fact, these regional distinctives are so significant that the use of Portuguese from one region is often considered offensive to native speakers in another region. Each side claims to have the “true Portuguese” – while in reality, there is no such thing as “standard” Portuguese. Consequently, effective Portuguese content – whether written or spoken – requires an in-depth knowledge of these regional differences to ensure clear communication to your audience, and to avoid unintended offense. 

Here at LubasLab, our team of knowledgeable writers and professional Portuguese translators is ready to lend our expertise and provide you with the tools you need. Keeping your specific Portuguese-speaking target audience in focus, we communicate your message in a way that speaks to them, complete with all of their local linguistic idiosyncrasies.

SEO Content: Brazilian and European Portuguese

At LubasLab, our team of dedicated personal translators meets all of your Brazilian and European Portuguese translation needs. Our translators, content writers and subtitle creators work with you to take your original ideas and create Portuguese web content with a localized flair. Contact LubasLab to learn more about Portuguese translation services and pricing.

Portuguese Subtitling and Content Writing

Whether you need to translate a website to Portuguese, or create Portuguese subtitling reflecting your ideas, LubasLab is ready to partner with you. Our translators – with our understanding and knowledge of the complexities and regional distinctives of the Portuguese language – will provide you with high-quality Portuguese translations from any of our 10 language competencies, with a particular emphasis on English-to-Portuguese translations.

Our skills, combined with your content, will ensure you have an accurate translation that presents your content in the Portuguese that is appropriate for your regional target audience. No digital translation platform can do that – it takes human effort to create effective Portuguese content. 

High Quality Portuguese Voice-Overs

Quality Portuguese voice-overs can be challenging. This is because localized distinctives in Portuguese can be not just humorous, but actually offensive. At LubasLab, we understand this challenge, and so we work with you to ensure that the voice talent representing your voice to your audience reflects regional subtleties your audience might require. 

We can provide native Portuguese-speaking voice actors from around the world to ensure that your voice represents you well, including dialects, accents, slang usage, and even “professional” or “amateur” stylizing if appropriate. We offer free demos of our performers to ensure that you have a voice that effectively speaks your message to your audience.

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