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As the official language of Norway, Norwegian is a relatively “young” language – it dates back only to the 19th century. Prior to that time, Danish was the national language; Norwegian arose in response to Norwegian nationalism and literary development in the 1800s. Today, written Norwegian actually has two standards recognized by the Norwegian government: Bokmål, the literary book language, which is 98% identical to Danish; and Nynorsk, the new Norwegian. Oral Norwegian, meanwhile, has no spoken standard, but is really a loose conglomeration of regional dialects.

With its North Germanic heritage, Norwegian has many words that native English speakers will quickly recognize – a quick stroll through the grocery store will put your language stress at ease, especially if your shopping list includes eggs, kake, melk, pasta or poteters. In fact, one study showed that Norwegian is the easiest foreign language for native English speakers to learn. At the same time, Norwegian uses many seeming compound words that don’t necessarily mean what their individual parts suggest. It also has many words with a depth of meaning that make translation into Norwegian – whether English-to-Norwegian translations or translations from other languages – quite challenging.

Norwegian Translators and Voice Actors for Hire

At LubasLab, we have native Norwegian speakers who understand the richness and complexities of the language. We recognize the complexities of spoken Norwegian: the various dialects and regional distinctives, the stylistic complexities. Let us partner with you to create content that will reach the eyes and ears of your audience in their own native language. Translations, SEO Writing and Voice-overs – LubasLab handles all your Norwegian content needs!

Norwegian Subtitling and Copywriting

Whether you have written materials to translate into Norwegian, or you have great ideas and simply need someone to turn them into written content, LubasLab and our linguistics team are here to serve your needs. Our team includes native Norwegian translators; real people who are ready to partner with you to produce amazing results. We provide you with personalized Norwegian written content or translations from any of our language competencies. Additionally, we translate Norwegian-to-English text and create subtitles.

With our intimate knowledge of the different written Norwegian standards, we will work with you to learn about your target audience to ensure that the tools we develop speak directly to them, in whatever standard and stylization is appropriate. 

Male & Female Norwegian Voice Actors

Given the unique challenges of the spoken Norwegian language – with no actual spoken standard – Norwegian voice-overs require a keen understanding of the language. LubasLab understands what makes Norwegian both beautiful and intricate. We also know that the actual voice itself can’t simply be a generic voice – it must reflect your voice to your audience. 

Our team of Norwegian voice actors, with their grasp of dialects, accents, and slang usage, even “professional” or “amateur” stylizing if appropriate, is ready to provide that ideal voice for your brand. We offer free demos of any of our performers so that you can find the voice that will speak your message most effectively to your audience, whatever your industry, whatever your needs.

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