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It doesn’t take long for a traveler to understand that English in California is distinct from English in Chicago, which is different from English in New York, all of which the Brits may say isn’t “English” at all. Is that oblong-shaped sandwich with sliced turkey a “hoagie”? a “sub”? a “grinder”?  a “hero”? Wait, I thought a “sub” was a boat that goes under water? And that a “grinder” was that offensive nightclub patron? And that my grandpa was my “hero”? Well, the truth is, all of these thoughts may be accurate or inaccurate, depending on the country, the state, even the city where you live.

Here at LubasLab, we recognize that “localization” – efforts not only to translate your content and your ideas into the heart language of your audience, but also to adapt them to specific local or regional terms, language and culture of that intended audience – is essential to ensure the most far-reaching, long-term impact of your website. After all, if you miss your first opportunity to connect with your readers, you won’t have a second chance and the best chance to connect with them requires that your content read as if it were written just for them.

That is why we want to partner with you – to ensure that your website includes content that is both technically correct and culturally sensitive, content that captures their attention and connects with their identity.

The importance of localizing your content

Our Localization Services adapt your content to specific local terms, languages and cultures. General blog or website content, applications, video games or presentations. Whatever it might be, website localization makes it better.

All content types – from entire websites and blogs to articles, games and apps. LubasLab provides localized SEO-friendly content and subtitling for all major languages.

We ensure that your website includes content that is technically correct, culturally sensitive and captures your audience´s attention and connects with their identity.

Expand Your Brand, Localize Your Business

“You get bigger by getting smaller.” 

That may seem counter-intuitive, but the truth is, you expand your market one reader – one website visitor – at a time. This means that the more narrowly you define your audience and the more specifically you can target your content to reach that audience, the deeper and broader your impact will ultimately be. 

Today that audience could be anywhere in the world, speaking any language, any dialect of that language, and any local cultural expression of that language. As a result, implementing a website localization service is key. It enables you to localize your products and services to a much more specific target audience, and to significantly increase the likelihood that your message will be heard.  

Our experienced team will work with you to develop and modify content to read like it was originally written in the language of your audience and maximize your local appeal. Let us help take your brand and your website to the international stage and fuel your global growth through localization of your products and services.

SEO-Localized Websites

Localization is particularly important in the world of SEO. At LubasLab, we do much more than simply create a generic translation of your content; our team of translators, voice talents and subtitle creators works with a specific SEO localization strategy designed to apply the terminology and language of your target audience. Let us help you optimize results for search engines, test local search engines to maximize the use of local terminology, and improve how your content drives traffic to your site. 

Our website localization strategy includes keyword research, URL, title and meta-description localization, all of which is designed to increase your reach, to establish greater credibility for you, to improve the user experiences, and ultimately to create a significant return on your investment. With your solid international marketing strategy and our high-quality SEO translation and localization services, your opportunity for growth has no limits.

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