Local SEO content or Global SEO content: Which is right for you?

Over the last several decades, the internet is the easiest way to reach your audience, whoever and wherever they may be. This means that an effective, well-written website is critical to successful impact.

One of the keys for this impact is SEO content. It’s what enables your target audience to find you easily. But your needs for SEO content vary depending on the reach you hope to have with your website. If your goal is to have significant impact in a smaller target area – a neighborhood, a town, a city – then you want Local SEO content. On the other hand, if your impact goals are broader and more extensive, you need Global (or International) SEO content. Understanding the distinctives between the two is vital to creating a successful website with the desired impact.

Local Search Engine Optimization Services

Local SEO content is designed with a specific, narrow target audience in mind. It incorporates the specific vernacular and language styles of your target community, maps of your location, perhaps even local landmarks and other reference points. It recognizes that your audience may actually want to reach out and contact you through means other than the internet. So, it provides addresses, phone numbers, and options for personal interaction as well as on-line, digital engagement. All of this is important – using the language of your local audience, their dialect, their idioms, their likely search words and phrases, and making yourself easily accessible, will elevate you in their search-engine results. Furthermore, a local target audience may very well use the “near me” feature of a search engine, which means that information regarding your location is of great importance.

International SEO Services

But if you are NOT a brick-and-mortar business focused on a local community – if your goals are to reach a wider global audience – then you need Global SEO content. Your website has to have content that will elevate it to the top of a more general search-engine query. You don’t need maps, an address or a local telephone number – your global audience doesn’t care if you are “near me,” nor are they going to call you. Instead, you need on-line resources, informational and creative blog posts, and a well-organized site that will create good user reviews and elevate your website to the very top of general search engine results. If not, you’re unlikely to ever get a significant click, as various studies over the past several years have found the following:

  • 2014 – the results of a Google search appearing on the first page got 71% of all clicks, and the first five positions alone got 68% of all clicks
  • 2019 – the top Google search result got 31.7% of all clicks, and only the first four positions got greater than 10% of all clicks
  • 2020 – the top Google search result got 28.5% of all clicks, and only the first three positions got greater than 10% of all clicks

Thus, if you want to ensure that your audience finds you on their search-engine results, the first thing to do is to define your target audience well, then you can determine the appropriate SEO content to include. Your success depends on it.