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Due in large part to Japan’s place as one of the leading gaming hubs worldwide, the Japanese language is the third most prevalent language on the internet behind English and Spanish. It is also the ninth most spoken language in the world. Among its audience of almost 127 million people, the complexities of Japanese are well-known:

  • Three different alphabets
  • Very limited use of Latin script (typically reserved for important acronyms and similar terms)
  • Various levels of politeness, each with its own subtle differences
  • The use of honorifics – the use of titles to show varying degrees of respect – in an intricate way
  • Formal style of business writing compared to other languages (especially English)

Consequently, effective Japanese subtitling and translating demands native Japanese speakers with an intimate knowledge of the language and the culture. Only real people who intuitively know and understand these subtle nuances can create quality Japanese communication. No machine translator to-date can produce native-sounding Japanese that isn’t clunky, unnatural, or even incomprehensible. The art of the Japanese language requires a human touch.

At LubasLab, our writing and translation team provides exactly that: accurate Japanese translation and original Japanese web content that is both appropriate and effective to communicate your message, whatever it might be.

Cross-Checked, Localized Translations

Languages vary by geography and local dialects. Thus, efficient Japanese subtitling and translation require talented, experienced professionals. Real people who feel and understand the language in a culturally appropriate manner. To assure satisfaction, each translation is backed up by our cross-check process. Once completed, the project is double-checked and approved by a second translator, thus guaranteeing a smooth and error-free delivery.

Japanese Subtitling and SEO Content Writing

Whatever your Japanese language needs – Japanese subtitling, content to be translated into Japanese or your own ideas to be originally written in Japanese that is both culturally and contextually appropriate – LubasLab is your content-creation partner. 

We will provide you with a personalized service, working to understand your particular target audience (especially critical in the Japanese context), leverage our knowledge of the innumerable complexities of the Japanese language, and provide you with written material that is both accurate and appropriate for your intended audience.

Japanese Voice-Overs

With the countless nuances and cultural distinctives of the Japanese language, voice-overs in Japanese are especially challenging. You need both content that is audience-appropriate, and a voice – either a Japanese voice actor or Japanese voice actress – that truly reflects your voice to your audience. 

At LubasLab, we have a pool of authentic native Japanese voice talent to cover the full scope of your needs. We work with you to identify a voice that is age- and gender-appropriate. That can present your information in a variety of culturally effective ways. That is sensitive to the needs of your industry… even one that uses “professional” or “amateur” stylizing if appropriate. Whatever your Japanese voice-over needs, we’ll provide free demos of our performers to help you find the voice that will best represent your brand.

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