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The Italian language is rich in history. It dates back to at least the 900s, and people throughout the world know many Italian words, even if they don’t always recognize them as Italian. Just ask a resident of the U.S. about a “finale” or the dreaded “diva” in their life. Or point them to some of their favorite foods – “spaghetti,” “pepperoni” or “gelato.” Whether operatic or gastronomic, people worldwide are familiar with Italian.

Italian is also the official language of five countries, and the third most commonly spoken language in the European Union – with about 85 million Italian speakers. As one of the official working languages of the Council of Europe, the Italian language has the status as a major European language. And with native speakers not only across Europe in countries including Switzerland, Croatia and Slovenia, but also in the U.S. and Argentina among other countries. It truly is an international language.

Yet around the world, distinct dialects and regional nuances exist, not only in pronunciation but also in vocabulary. Even within the country, northern, central and southern Italian each have their own distinctives. As a result, effective Italian communication requires an extensive knowledge and understanding of the language – with all of its localized flair. At LubasLab, our team of writers and translators brings that expertise to each project, ensuring that your project is both accurate and audience-appropriate to best serve your needs.

All-In-One Italian Translation Agency

LubasLab – with our depth of understanding of both the technical and artistic elements of the Italian language – is your one-stop shop for ALL Italian content writing and Italian translation needs. If you have ideas and want to create original Italian articles or product descriptions, we’ll work to produce “music to the ears” of your intended audience. Search Engines will love it too!

Italian Subtitling and SEO Content Writing

Like the Italian culture, the Italian language is highly expressive, born out of poetry and Latin. Its rhythm of syntax and vocabulary create a musicality in the language that many non-Italian-speaking audiences fail to appreciate. English speakers, in particular, struggle to embrace the artistry of the Italian language. Instead, they generally favor concise, short phrasing and sentences that get straight to the point. “Just the facts, ma’am” is their mantra.

As a result, Italian subtitling and translations require a particular sensitivity to the subtleties of the Italian language. This is highly important in the context of business writing, where accurate Italian translations may require flexibility in content length – whether marketing slogans or lengthier substantive content.

Personalized Italian Voice-Overs

Given the musicality of the Italian language, Italian voice-overs can be an especially powerful tool to reach your audience. With the right voice talent, your written content becomes your voice that speaks – and even sings – to the heart of your audience.

Here at LubasLab, we stand ready to offer professional voice talent with expertise in dialects, accents, slang usage, and even “professional” or “amateur” stylizing. We’ll provide you with free demos of any of Italian voice actors and work with you to help you find the voice that will most effectively carry your message to your Italian-speaking audience.

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