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German Translation Services

German is the most commonly-used language in the European Union. It is also the official language in seven countries, and it is the primary language of almost 130 million people worldwide. As such, having your message available in the German language is essential to your ability to reach an international community effectively. After all, the virtually unlimited access to websites on the internet means stiff competition for the attention of these 130 million people – if you don’t connect with them in their native language, someone else will.

At the same time, German is also a complex language, with gendered nouns, a very strict use of word order – much stricter than many other languages – and difficult verb conjugations. These and a variety of other complexities make German translation and German content writing particularly challenging. Whether English-to-German translation or translation from any number of other languages, only knowledgeable, experienced writers and translators can turn your message into a tool that will effectively communicate with your audience. At LubasLab, we provide exactly that – a team of native German speakers ready to partner with you to reach your German-speaking audience in their language and achieve your goals with them. 

Specialized German Language Services

We translate websites to German; or we can take your ideas and create original German content. Tell us what you need, and leave the quality results to us. With our attention to the localized details, we take your ideas and turn them into German text that speaks to the minds and hearts of your audience, wherever they may be.

German Subtitling and SEO Content Writing

Our team of expert writers, translators and subtitle creators will turn your ideas into German content that will not only be technically accurate, but that will also be culturally appropriate. We work with you to identify and understand your purposes, your business and your target audience – and then we provide you with high-quality German translations or original German content that is custom-tailored to fit your needs.

At LubasLab, we focus on national and regional distinctives to help you connect to your audience, as if your material were written exclusively for them. Whether you need German translation services, German subtitling or original SEO German content, LubasLab has you covered.

German Voice-Overs

Voice-overs in any language can be challenging, and voice-overs in German are no exception. You need content that is audience-appropriate, but you also need a voice that reflects your voice in a way that communicates who you are to your audience. 

At LubasLab, we boast a breadth of native German voice talent from various backgrounds, to provide you with appropriate accents, slang, dialects, national distinctives, and even “professional” or “amateur” stylizing. 

We’ll work with you to develop your content, providing free demos of any of our performers to help find the voice that best represents your industry, your values and your ideas to your German-speaking audience in an authentic way.

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