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The French language has a worldwide presence in both cultural and international governmental circles. It boasts 68 million native speakers and 280 million speakers worldwide, making it the second most common native language in Europe. French is also one of the six official languages at the U.N, and one of only two working languages (the other being English). Consequently, French subtitling and web content are vital for anyone who hopes to have a truly international reach.

With its detailed grammatical structure, French is generally considered an international “language of reference.” Yet, as a romance language with Latin roots, it is also known as the “language of love.” Just think about movie characters, TV characters, even cartoon characters – as soon as they start to swoon with love, their speech mysteriously develops a French accent, if not an entire French vocabulary. And while the linguistic roots and the levels of formality of English and French differ markedly, French is nonetheless the largest donor of words to the English vocabulary.

At LubasLab, we have native French speakers who understand the nuances and complexities of the French language. Whether its levels of formality, its use of titles as a sign of respect or in more formal settings, or even its regional distinctives, our expert team understands these intricacies, making us your go-to partner for all of your French language needs.

Native-Speaking French Writers and Translators

Our team stands ready and well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to take your ideas and turn them into great French translations and original French content. With our breadth of language competencies, we provide French translation services translating or subtitling your content from any language into accurate and effective French, complete with localization to reach your target audience.

French Subtitling and SEO Content Writing

Do you have thoughts, ideas, or marketing strategies you want to turn into written French content? That can be challenging, not only because of the linguistic difficulties but also because of more subtle distinctives in French writing – particularly some French styles and punctuation that are different from the styles in English and other languages.

By way of example, an English writer would never think to put a space before a punctuation mark at the end of a sentence! And while issues such as this may seem relatively insignificant, they are in fact the very issues that separate automated French writing from professional, human French writing. This rule applies not only for content, but also for French subtitling and voice-overs.

French Voice-Over Agency

If you need a French voice actor, LubasLab is ready to help find your voice – the voice that will reflect not only your content but also your brand and culture to your audience. Our French voice talent encompasses a wide range of professional and amateur styles, accents, slang – whatever your needs may be. 

So, whether you need both French translation services and French voice-overs, LubasLab will work with you to find the voice talent appropriate to your industry and your target audience. 

We provide free demos from voice actors so that you can choose the voice that will identify you to the French-speaking world.

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