Freelance Translators or Translation Company?

Now that you’ve reached an international audience, it’s time to get your content translated. The translation market has plenty of options for companies wanting to hire someone to translate their content. Professional translation services involve the hiring of a translation company or a freelance translator. The question of which translation service provider to work with is based on the complexity of the project. Being aware of the company’s capabilities and limitations will help you make a good investment.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right translation service. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of each.

The Benefits of Working with Freelance Translators

Freelancers can be an excellent resource for businesses wanting professional translation services. With freelancers, you have complete control over the hiring process. Using a freelancer allows the client to be in direct contact with the translator and maintain a personal engagement with the project.

The Downside to Freelance Translators

While freelancers are experienced in one or two languages, they typically lack the support staff to deal with unforeseen technical issues. Unlike with a translation company, freelancers don’t have an official quality assurance process. In most cases, it takes a freelancer a long time to complete a high-volume project.

When to Choose a Translation Company? 

A translation company is similar to a talent agency; they work with a pool of highly skilled and experienced translators. Having multiple translators helps agencies complete their work fast and meet deadlines efficiently. An agency is capable of taking on any project, and does so with a clear chain of command to ensure quality control. Corporate translation services can handle various projects with the help of interpreters and translators. Also, an agency is able to handle various types of files, such as text, audio, and video. When dealing with large projects, a translation company can provide cost-effective services such as localization, international SEO, and multilingual translations.


Deciding on a professional translation service can be a challenge. For high-volume or multilingual projects, a translation company is usually the best choice. They provide quicker results and complete your project with highly-skilled translators.