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Dutch is the native language not only for the more than 17 million people who call the Netherlands “home” but also for more than 5 million people in Belgium, Suriname, and various Caribbean Island nations. Add to them the 6+ million who speak Dutch as a second language – including over 150,000 U.S. residents who use Dutch as the primary language in their home – and you realize that Dutch has a significant presence around the world – collectively, more than 28 million speakers.

Within the U.S., Dutch has a rich history – Dutch settlers in New York could be heard speaking their native tongue for generations along the Hudson River. In fact, Martin van Buren, the 8th president of the U.S. and a one-time governor of New York, was born Maarten van Buren, and claimed Dutch – NOT English – as his primary language. As the only president with English as a second language, van Buren elevates Dutch considerably in American lore; Dutch is the only primary language other than English to be used by a U.S. president.

With its West Germanic grammar and its reputation for long, compound words, Dutch presents unique challenges for writers and translators. Are you ready to make your “preparation activities plan for a children’s carnival or procession?” Get ready… and not just your daily planner and your checkbook. No, you need to get your tongue ready for the longest Dutch word – all 53 letters of it… here comes your:


Do you need some help with that? LubasLab is ready, for that and for all of your Dutch language needs.

Experienced Dutch Translators, Writers and Voice Actors

Do you have original ideas you need to present in written or spoken Dutch? Whatever your needs, our Dutch translation agency will provide you with personalized translations and the services of Dutch voice actors that will enable you to reach the mind and the heart of your Dutch-speaking audience.

Dutch Subtitling and SEO Content Writing

The written Dutch language, whether original content or translation from other languages, is challenging. Dutch web content, in particular, is difficult because of website and document formatting issues. Content writers and translators often struggle to make long Dutch compound words fit within the parameters of website designs and layouts. They also wrestle with the simple length of Dutch written content. By way of example, Dutch content translated from English can expand by as much as 35% from the original English text.

At LubasLab, we recognize the many unique aspects of Dutch, and we have expert writers and translators prepared to partner with you. 

Dutch Voice-Overs

In any language, an effective voice-over requires both content that is accurate and audience appropriate, and a voice that truly reflects you to your audience in a way that connects with them. Dutch voice-overs are no exception – a good voice-over becomes a great voice-over when you find your voice and use it to present your ideas effectively. Those long Dutch words, in particular, demand a native speaker with the innate linguistic gymnastics that allow the language to roll off their tongue. 

At LubasLab, we have native-speaking Dutch voice actors that provide you with whatever voice you need, in whatever style you might need it – including gender, slang usage, even “professional” or “amateur” stylizing.

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