AI and human interaction

Will AI Ever Replace Human Voice Acting?

Artificial intelligence is changing the landscape of voice acting. With AI voice generators, it´s easier than ever to create a synthetic voice that sounds truly realistic. When it comes to …

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Challenges Freelancers Face

Freelance Translators or Translation Company?

Now that you’ve reached an international audience, it’s time to get your content translated. The translation market has plenty of options for companies wanting to hire someone to translate their …

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Best Free Stock Photo Sites

The 5 Best Free Stock Photo Sites

It’s necessary to stay unique if you want to leave a mark in the digital world. One of the sure-fire ways of standing out from the crowd involves using royalty-free …

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How errors can ruin everything

How translation errors can ruin content

Today, having a website with content available in multiple languages is a must. But, if the translation is not accurate, then it can actually damage your reputation and credibility. Just …

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