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LubasLab: Translation Agency, Voice-Overs and Subtitling

In today’s world, you are just a click away from a connection to virtually anyone in the world.

Just imagine… that’s about 8 BILLION people you can connect to with a simple push of a button. The opportunities to broaden your horizons, to reach a global audience, to develop your international market, are limited only by your ability to communicate effectively with the world and all its people. 

At LubasLab, our team of expert writers and translators partners with you to build bridges to the world. Break down barriers by communicating with your international audience in their own language. This, in turn, enables you to achieve your goals: a larger market and higher profits; broader social or political impact; a more well-informed international population.

By speaking to the mind and heart of your customers – in THEIR language – you immediately build a bridge to them. Show them the courtesy and respect they deserve. Your efforts will show and will translate into a greater global presence.

Why clients choose LubasLab

One-stop language service provider

With our international team, we are ready to serve as your one-stop shop for all of your language service needs from translation and localization to content writing, even to voice-overs. 

Cross-checked projects

For every project we complete, an independent team member reviews and cross-checks the work to ensure accuracy, best use of localization and all other aspects of the project.

Personalized Service & Support

You will have direct contact with Luba Agade, the site owner and manager, who takes personal responsibility for your customer experience and the overall quality of your final product.


Words Matter – Localize and Optimize Your Content

LubasLab is a full-service professional translation and language service provider. As your one-stop shop for all of your language service needs, we provide the following core services:


At LubasLab, we provide accurate, professional translation services in 10+ languages with fixed rates regardless of language or industry. Our team does more than convey your ideas in your audience’s primary language. We go a step further to assure that our work includes the appropriate localization for that specific audience.

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Even among cultures with the same heart language, many differences exist.  At LubasLab, our team of professionals works diligently to localize your translations to accommodate any regional or country distinctives, local linguistic idiosyncrasies, and any other considerations that are necessary to create the greatest impact for your target audience.

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Content Writing

LubasLab works to research and create multilingual SEO friendly content that is accurate and appealing to your audience. Whether an article, a blog post or an e-commerce site, we help to develop high-quality content and subtitling in your preferred language so your audience can find you and engage well with your business.

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We also boast an experienced pool of voice actors that can professionally convert your script into the spoken word to maximize the impact. We work with you to translate your content if necessary and to find your perfect voice – including free demos and auditions at your request.

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Our Core Languages

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Russian flag
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If you require a language we do not have listed, please contact us, we can likely still assist you.

Work Flow Process

How we work:

1. Submission

You submit the document(s) through our Contact Form.

2. Review

Luba personally reviews the file(s) and prepares everything for the assigned translator(s).

3. Monitoring

Progress of the project is closely monitored by Luba, who acts as both a coordinator and manager.

4. Proofreading

Before the final product is delivered, an independent translator is assigned to proofread the document, evaluate its accuracy and confirm compliance with the request.

5. Delivery

Translated documents are delivered to on-time and within budget, without unpleasant surprises.

Get In Touch with Luba Agade

Do you have questions regarding our services?

Luba Agade is standing by, ready to assist you 24/7, in the language of your choice.

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